All You Need To Know About The Zappa Beard!

zappa beard style for men

All You Need To Know About The Zappa Beard Style.

Zappa beard is the beard style that has been inspired by the musician Frank Zappa. This style was his signature look and comprises of a thick moustache paired with a thick soul patch. The soul patch is in the shape of a thick rectangle right below your lower lip. The thick moustache is long and extends just below your lower lip.

All You Need To Know About The Zappa Beard Style!

The Zappa Beard look is for men who enjoy a strong beard growth around the lips. For this look you will first have to start with the moustache because that is the real deal breaker here. This look can go with a bit narrow or lack of soul patch entirely, but not without the moustache. In fact the moustache is its signature element!

All You Need To Know About The Zappa Beard Style

So you need to really grow out your moustache first. You can do this with the help of natural beard oil. Natural beard oil helps increase your hair growth even for the moustache. Also, it is important to wash your face regularly and keep the pores oil free especially if you have an oily face.

The grown out moustache should be properly trimmed to have the precisely linear edge at the top. Along with that it is important to remember that this moustache grows downwards i.e. in the natural direction of moustache growth. However as it moves closer to the lips, it starts to taper. It ends even below your bottom lip.


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This style is a bit rugged and casual so the moustache should be bushy and not neatly trimmed. Especially around the upper lip, it is classic if more than half of your lip is covered by the moustache if not entirely. Also, this means you need to pay attention to the hygiene aspect of the moustache when you eat. It is important to keep it clean and hygienic all day.

Once you have mastered the moustache, you can then shift your concentration and attention on the goatee. The classic goatee for this style is a small rectangular box attached to your lower lip right at the center of your chin. However, this style has undergone suitable modification and alteration and you will surely find different styles of goatee. To maintain the integrity of this style, make sure your goatee is short be it in whatever shape, it should not cover your chin entirely.

All You Need To Know About The Zappa Beard!

It’s very laid back and cool look. Thus it is obviously not suitable for work environment. It is more of an older man look as compared to a college going guy because it comprises of a giant rugged moustache. Make sure your sideburns are short or at the most medium in length as well as well trimmed. This is because your moustache is already bushy; we don’t need bushy side burns.

All You Need To Know About The Zappa Beard.

It is an old school look. It is great especially for dads. It is a total dad look. Because of the moustache I guess. This look is great for men who grow out a fantastic moustache but do not have a very strong beard game. Also for men who enjoy moustaches and not so much with the beard. It is suitable for older men in their late thirties or more. It will go well for men with longer face structure, say oval. It will help balance of the excess length with the help of the thick moustache.



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