The Sexy & Smart French Fork Beard In 7 Steps!

The Sexy and Smart French Fork Beard Style

The French fork is a highly underrated bearding style that has regained its importance in the recent fashion season by recreating the fashion wave. It is a very casual yet sharp look and also one of the most attractive styles to women!

The French fork is essentially a ducktail beard with a forked end. This end adds the elegance and style to the beard and gives it the edge that makes men look the rugged yet elegant self. This style is not for a professional office look but a very casual style. It is great for dates because it is a sharp and neat look!

Steps to get The Sexy and Smart French Fork Beard are as follows:

1. The French fork is a style for men with a medium to strong beard growth. It is also complimented by a chevron or a handlebar moustache but make sure the handlebar is thicker at the center and both ends of the moustache meet the beard. A moustache gives this style a more mature and masculine look while still maintaining the elegance. Let us understand how to achieve this style!

2. The basic steps are the same as the ducktail moustache. You must use good amount of beard oil to achieve a strong growth. At the same time, make sure your moustache is also well nourished because even the moustache will be on the thicker side.

The French Fork beard style

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3. Next you need to start trimming at the medium or thick stubble stage itself. The side burns are very narrow and that ensures the elegant appeal of this style. Thus you must use some clear gel and regularly ensure that the side burns are narrow say about 3cms.

4. The entire beard is traced down your jawline and very narrow on your face. It is grown out downwards from your jawline. You can keep your neck clean shaven or add a gradual clean shaven effect with the help of an adjustable trimmer.

5. Make sure your moustache is well trimmed regularly and sharp. Use beard oil to maintain the style and you may even opt for wax or mousse if the beard is difficult to maintain with just the oil. It is important to trim both moustache and beard regularly because in this look there is no thick grizzly facial hair, rather just well-maintained strong growth.

6. Finally you go for the French fork. Use a good amount of beard wax and some scissors for this style. Locate the bottom center of your beard. Use scissors to snip off a couple of beard hair, not all just very few. The fork will be at least 1.5 cm in length so make sure you keep that in mind when you use your scissors. If your beard is not very thick you can skip the scissors and directly jump to the wax.

7. Use the wax to create a fork or separation shaped like an upside down “V”. This fork will be very casual and thus you will not need too much wax and a very sharp straight cut. Just a gentle fork is all you need. You may even use beard oil if you want to keep it very casual.

This style is very simple to achieve as well as to maintain. It is for a strong beard growth and not a very thick or aggressive beard and thus most men can opt for this look. It is much more edgy than your regular beards and yet without that much effort!



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