Beard Grooming Guide As Per Your Face Shape & Hairstyle

Beard Grooming Guide As Per your Face shape & Hairstyle

So How to groom your beard? Well there are several grooming styles and you should aim for the look that best suits your face shape and also your lifestyle.

Everyone of us has a different face shape however all face shapes can be broadly classified as round, square, oblong or oval. But the style should be decided on the basis of what look you are going for. If a round face wants to get edgier sharper look, get a sharper beard with skillful and clean edges. If you have an angular chin and want a softer look, go for a thicker and rounder beard with gradation on the neck.

If you are an employee at a multinational corporation, you cannot grow out a beard like hikers do! You need a designer look; which revolves around a stubble and classic moustache. If your office is more liberal, you can opt for a fuller bearded look but at the same time you cannot afford to have curly beard hair just randomly poking out. It should be synchronized and tamed. If you are dressing up for a date, keep it clean and simple but not necessarily as tamed. It’s not a compulsion but a matter of choice of your significant other.

There is one other point that indirectly affects your beard look and is often ignored – your hair. It forms a part of beard grooming although not directly. If you want to place emphasis on your beard, keep your hair a bit flat and trim it around your ears to even further flatten your sides. This even helps making your face look longer so guys with a round or square face can totally rock this look! Similarly if you have a scanty beard, keep your hair bouncier.

Beard growing is not simply – not shaving. You take care of your beard if you wish to flaunt it and grab the spotlight! Beard men are all the rage and you may definitely jump on the bandwagon but not unprepared! Remember grooming ensures you look masculine, sexy and sharp!



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