The Sideburn Beard Style by Burnsides

The Sideburns Beard Style by Burnside

Sideburns beards are the look this season, be it Ludacris, Benedict Cumberbatch or Hugh Jackman. This is a style statement that requires good amount of skill to master and also proper maintenance. However, this feature has actually been brought to attention by a man called Burnsides. He had the humongous and aggressive sideburn style that also inspired the name “sideburns” in the first place. This look was the talk of the town and soon became associated to his reputation. Thus, popularizing it all the more! It became a symbol of elite and elegance. It comprises of a giant bushy sideburns style that is attached to the equally aggressive and bushy moustache.

The purpose of this article is not to promote the sideburns beard look, but to discourage it! This is one piece of art that gave us the term ‘sideburns’ and also brought this feature of men on the map. However as far as bringing it back into fashion is concerned, it better stay out. The aggressiveness of this look will just end up making you look like an unprofessional comedic character from the past that has time travelled to the present.

It is not restricted to just this exact look. Styles inspired by this look should also go that comprise of thick and bushy sideburns. Your style must not comprise of sideburns that get fatter as they reach the nasal area. Your sideburns should not be close to your moustache. It should not be monstrous and untamed. Basically even a variance in this look must be avoided. Even if you opt for sideburns beards of funky styles, they must comprise of something that is not just thick chunks.



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