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Out of Bed Beard – Scruffy Beard

June 24, 2019

Men need to understand that it is not always about perfection. Women swoon over the rugged look and the most convenient option to get a rugged look is – Scruffy beard! There is nothing cooler than a rugged bearded look. It has the charm of a leather jacket guys!

You need to understand how Scruffy Beard is done!

The scruffy beard is basically a beard that is effortless. You woke up one morning and decided to just relax it out? Well here’s your look. All you need is a beard with length somewhere between 5mm and 15mm. This look goes best with a moustache as without the moustache it is just an over grown stubble.

The perfection is in the imperfection. You do not require sharp edges or any kind of shaving techniques. However it is advisable to trim the moustache around your lips. This look is perfect when you are actually growing out a beard. It’s kind of like a one to two month bearded look, depending on your growth pattern.

You can alternatively flaunt just a scruffy soul patch with or without a moustache if your growth around other facial points is scanty.