4 Unbelievable Tricks To Cover Up The Patchy Beard!


Beard is pretty much the soul of your look even if you chose to just carry off a short stubble. But most men face the patchy beard situation and that can potentially affect your whole look. These are 5 tricks that can help you cover up the patches in the best way possible. Let us also keep in mind that these tricks can work up to a reasonable extent only!

1) Growing out thicker beard can really help you out in this case. If you have the kind of beard that grows out well in some regions but not so much in some others what you can do is grow out a thick beard. It will be awkward as it is growing out with the patches but once its all grown what you can do is trim it even and use mousse or beard wax with your fingers to literally cover up the patchiness. This works well if you have an otherwise strong growth.

Unbelievable Tricks To Cover Up The Patchy Beard!

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2) Using a clear beard gel is really helpful. Gel has thick consistency but is also lightweight at the same time. So this is a product that you can conveniently apply on your beard. It is clear but it is surely bit damp so you should apply it in some limitation. The gel makes your beard appear darker and thicker. Also it can be used to style you beard in a way that patches can be covered.

Tricks To Cover Up The Patchy Beard

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3) Goatee and soul patch styles are a great way to handle the patchy situation. So if you have a very scanty and patchy growth you can just your best growth patches to style a look that goes well with your beard growth. You goatee can be short or long and the same applies for the sole patch thus this is kind of a versatile look for you.

4) Trimming the beard really helps. The concept is that your beard is usually narrow and tapering which means that the ends are thin. If you trim your beard and shorten the length a bit, it will expose the thicker mid region of beard hair and will basically make your beard appear really thicker.



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