A Neat Trick To Fill In Your Patchy or Scanty Beard!

A Neat Trick To Fill In Your Patchy or Scanty Beard

Beards have become an important element of our society. Men are often judged based on their beards and it has become important to flaunt off a great style of beard for the spotlight. If you are one of the fashion forward men and love to always be a part of the trend then you too love beard styles. However, the growth of your beard is natural phenomenon and cannot be altered to a very large extent. Sure you can use beard oil and keep your face oil free as well as hygienic but still you may not enjoy a strong growth or at least as much as you desire.

Let’s remember that this is a trick, a life hack. It is not magic. So you need to be reasonable about what you expect out of it. If you expect wonders and your absolutely scanty growth to appear like a full thick beard then you have it wrong.

Just follow the 5 steps given below if you are up for a reasonable and yet recognisable difference:

1) Wash your beard well as you take you every morning bath. You may even use your beard shampoo or a basic hair shampoo but a beard shampoo is always a more preferable option! Make sure your face and beard is absolutely clean.

2) Brush you beard upwards and comb it downwards alternatively till it is completely dry. Once it is dry locate the area that has scanty growth.

3) Now what you need to do is use an eyebrow pencil. Women use this trick on a regular basis and I bet you haven’t even been able to spot most of the fake eyebrows yet. So this is a cool trick and it will not make you any less of a man to just bring in an eyebrow pencil. Just make sure the pencil is in the same shade as your beard. It has to be exactly the same.

4) Use that to fill in small patches. You need quick strokes and also small strokes i.e. length of your actual beard hair. Once you fill in, use your thumb to lightly rub over to make sure it merges in with the beard. Now because beards or moustaches are fluffy, you cannot use this trick to fill in giant patches. For that you can try this – use a comb to fill in the patch with the help of the surrounding beard hair. Use a beard gel, mousse or wax or even oil to keep it in place. Now use the brow pencil trick for the remainder space.

5) What you need is a strong stay on and water proof brow pencil. It will be great to take a woman’s help with the selection. Also, make sure you are careful to not rub it off during the day. Make sure you don’t go to bed without washing your face clean. Face wipes help get it off easily.

This trick can be used by men who have major insecurities but the better option is to always try a beard style that is more appropriate with your beard growth as you cannot draw in your entire beard with the brow pencil.



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