5 Best Ways To Style Soul Patch Beard Like A Pro!

Soul Patch Beard

A Soul Patch Beard is a fashionable patch of beard on the chin, just below the lower lip that adds hint of fashion especially for men with smaller chin and scanty beard growth! It is often referred to as an extended goatee.

Here are the 5 Styles of Soul Patch Beard

1) You have the basic French beard patch which is nothing more than a small inverse triangle below your lower lip. This look goes well with moustache for older men and without for college students.

2) Next is the soul patch with the growing van dyke or growing anchor beard. This look comprises of a triangular or rectangular patch of hair below the lower lip right at the centre. It is surrounded by some beard hair that faintly resembles a van dyke or anchor beard. Although this look is suitable for when you are growing out a beard, it has become the style for the year with celebrities trimming their beards to get this look. It has a boyish charm to it.

3) The next most popular look is the stubble and soul patch look. In this look you need to grow out a nice basic designer stubble and your chin area will comprise of a centre piece soul patch. This look is often flaunted by celebrities and is very effortless. If you are growing out a beard or your growth is patchy around the chin to grow out a Van Dyke, this will do justice to your face!

Your soul patch should be small. It can be triangular for men with a pointier chin area. Other can opt for rectangular, square or a very rugged casual shape if you can carry that off.

4) Next look is the soul patch bearded look. This look is characterized by a fully grown out stubble, almost a beard especially for men with scanty beard growth and a nice soul patch. The best aspect of this look is that the soul patch need not be a clean cut. Also the region around the patch need not be clean shaven. Just a mild trim will do just fine.

This look is perfect for men with scanty beard growth or men growing out a beard but going through a rather patchy phase.

5) Finally, we have the have it all bearded look. This look is characterized by a beard surrounding a nice clean clearing with just a soul patch at the centre and a nice basic or handlebar moustache. This look requires trimming skills as the area between the soul patch and beard will have to be a good clean shave however it is totally worth it.



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