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1) Sideburn Beard Trimming Technique

For trimming, it is important to remember that first you must control the bushiness and tame the sideburns with the help of an adjustable beard trimmer. You can alternatively use scissors as well with a comb. Once the bushiness is under control, you must decide the length of the sideburns. Once that is fixed, you may trim off or shave off the extra length. If you plan on shaving it off, use a clear gel so you can clearly see where your blade is moving. Even if you wish to keep it long, you must trim it a bit for finesse. Then you must move to the width again using a trimmer or clear shaving gel. A trimmer is always a better choice for this.

2) Growing Sideburns

Regular trimming will help you grow out the sideburns in a disciplined order. Also, beard oil can be used to improve the growth of sideburns. Don’t get it out too thick. Bushy sideburns make your ears look bigger and also are a turn off.

Sideburn Trimming for men

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3) Bushiness

The sideburns should be as bushy as your beard, if not more. It should never be scantier as compared to your beard. That throws your face off balance.

4) Appearance

If you wish to make you face appear longer, grow your sideburns longer and vice versa. If you have long chins, make sure your sideburns are long and are shorter for short and stout chin.

5) Symmetry

Once you decide the length of one sideburn, trace that to the other side for guidance. Ears may be lopsided a bit or differently shaped as our faces are not exactly symmetric. You can even use a scale and keep it on your nose to mark the point. Assume there is an imaginary line across your face for guidance. You can even use a strong instead of a scale.

6) Narrowness

2 cms is ideally the maximum width that you must maintain. That is because broad sideburns are good only for costume parties! However, if you are trying out some cool new style, you should go for it but make sure the style is not bushy.

Sideburns are trendy and in fashion. If you want to experiment, now is the time to do so!



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