Everything You Need To Know About Styling The Fu Manchu Mustache

How to Style the Fu Manchu Moustache

The Fu Manchu moustache originates in the early 80s stereotypically depicting Asians in the old Hollywood movies. This trend stayed through the 90s and can still find traces in some movies. However this is cool style that adds a nice bling to your look.

It is basically a moustache that originates on the corners of the mouth and grows downwards to the length you desire. It can be very thin (as stereotyped for Asians) or a thick moustache which is much more in trend this season. This style has its roots in British fictional novel and TV series. It is also a separate category in World Moustache Championships.

Fu Manchu With beard Look
Everything You Need To Know About Styling The Fu Manchu Moustache.

The Fu Manchu Moustache is different from the horse shoe because it requires really long and thick moustache growth. It is one that hangs from the corners of your mouth rather than trimmed down from a beard. Also the growth and maintenance of this style is very different from that of the horse shoe moustache. Although, like the horse shoe moustache, you can very well flaunt sole patch or goatee with this style!

What you need to keep in mind is that this style is only suitable for men who enjoy a strong moustache growth. The reason being your moustache ends have to grow long enough to at least reach your lower chin region. Some men prefer to grow it as long as the jaw line or even further but that is a bit too much for regular look. This style is most definitely not acceptable in a professional environment.

Everything You Need To Know About Styling The Fu Manchu Moustache
Everything You Need To Know About Styling The Fu Manchu Moustache!

To style Fu Manchu moustache you need to start off by growing out a regular moustache. As it gets longer and thicker, you need to regularly apply natural beard oil. Coconut based would help best enhance your moustache growth. But make sure you don’t leave it too greasy all day long as that will lead to oiliness and pimples. Make sure you apply more towards both ends as that is the part of your moustache that needs to grow long. You should ideally keep your moustache thick rather than sleek as that is the trending style. As for the main body of your moustache, use a moustache comb to straighten it out. This is a casual moustache style and need not be uptight.

Use a trimmer to maintain the length of the Fu Manchu moustache hair and a pair of scissors to get rid of any rogue or shapeless hair. Also, ideally keep your beard clean shaven. Even stubble is not suitable with this look. While goatee and sole patch are commonly styled with this moustache, it may look a bit over the top, especially if you going for a long Fu Manchu.

This style is great for casual outings and is a strong style statement. It is suitable for mature or older men and not so much for college going guys. Also this style works great with a narrow chin. If you have a wide chin, you should avoid this style.

This style is not the most popular moustache choice but is most definitely great for an aggressive look. While originally styled in a sleek version, this style should be carried off in a medium thickness version. It goes great with a messy styled hair.



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