Know The Difference – Classic Mutton Chops & Friendly Mutton Chops

Classic Mutton Chops Vs Friendly Mutton Chops beard

Mutton chops is a beard trend that has come back in fashion from the past. However this style has changed a bit through the time travel. It has come back in the form of friendly mutton chops and has brought back along with it also the classic style. Thus what is the difference between the two and which one should you opt for?

Mutton chops is a style that comprises of aggressive and fierce sideburns that extend up to both ends of your chin and even merge with the moustache. The chin area is clean shaven and the lower ridge of cheekbones is used as an imaginary border to trim it in style.

Regular mutton chops are strong and fierce. You have both sideburns extending up to the corners of your chin. Around the lower cheek area, this growth get even fiercer and then starts tapering down as it reaches the jawline and meets with it in a narrow end. This style is loud and classic. Although both styles are unprofessional, this style is all the more so. This is simply because it is not only aggressive but also very fancy. It is great look for older men especially when on a vacation. The moustache is also supposed to be thick and meet the sideburns. It is a fierce look and you must be ready to go all out for this look. It is a cool mature look suitable for almost all face structure expect triangular as it further emphasizes the lower part of your face.

Friendly mutton chops are much calmer. They are trimmed short and even the moustache hair length is trimmed short. Thus the basic difference between the two is essentially the hair length by about 1.5 mm or more easily. However, this makes all the difference in the world as it greatly tames down the look.  It is more suitable style for all age groups and again men with a triangular face structure must avoid this style. In case of the classic mutton chops you don’t necessarily need a moustache while in case of friendly mutton-shops you sure do need the moustache. It is a part of the style.

For a younger crowd, you should opt for friendly mutton chops. In fact the classic mutton chops are too fierce for an everyday look. They can be flaunted as a once in a while style on vacation. Keeping the friendly mutton chops trimmed is very important to maintain consistency with the help of adjustable trimmers. While the classic style can be groomed and trimmed once in 2-3 days still no problem. In both cases the cheekbone area as well as the main chin area is to be clean shaven. If you are a professional you must avoid both look or at least opt for just the friendly mutton chops.

Classic Mutton Chops Vs Friendly Mutton Chops
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Classic Mutton Chops Vs Friendly Mutton Chops
Mutton chops are back in fashion in the form of friendly mutton chops. What exactly is the difference between the two and which style can you opt for?
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