4 Types Of Stubble Beard Styles For Men To Choose From!

Types of Stubble Beard Styles – What style should you opt for

The stubble is considered as a casual laid back look for men who prefer to not shave every day. However, stubble has actually become more than just that. It is a look! This is majorly because all the fashion houses have adopted the stubble as a style statement and women just basically swoon over men with a stubble.

It signifies various things and the length as well as style of stubble should be as per what you aim to depict and what your environment is. The types are distinguished basically by the length of your beard and also the area of coverage. Sharpness of trim and shave also influence the look. So let us break this down:

Here goes 4 Stubble Beard Styles

1) Designer stubble –

Let us begin with the latest trend in stubble, the designer stubble. This look has been designed for men who love beard but are also professionals. The designer stubble is well kept short beard that is regularly trimmed to maintain the length. The beard length should not be more than approximately 0.5-1cms. The length is to ensure that your employer or work environment is not compromised because of your look. Also, the edges are pretty clean and sharp. You cannot just grow out a designer stubble, you need to trim, maintain as well as ensure that the shape is not compromised. This look is most popular amongst women as it is a sign of maturity.


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2) Short stubble –

This style is basically for men who are growing out a beard. It is also often the preference of men instead of the designer stubble as this is much less maintenance. However the short stubble can sometimes be tricky if you have scanty or patchy beard growth. The length of beard hair should be less than 0.5cms for this look. This beard is generally not very sharp. Ideally a sharp look is preferable because that makes even the scanty growth look denser and less patchy.

3) Medium stubble –

The medium stubble is the most common stubble style. It is very basic and is also considered as the first phase of a full beard growth. The important thing to remember here is to maintain hygiene and also nourish the beard well for a good and strong growth as well as to ensure that the growth remains even throughout. The length can be somewhere around 1cm. Despite having similar length the medium stubble is different from designer stubble. Make sure you read our article for the distinction. It is generally confused and the look is thus compromised!

Also, the medium stubble usually lacks sharpness and edge. This is because it is a rugged look. It goes well with certain moustaches as well. Read the detailed article for more information!

4) Heavy stubble –

The final major category of the stubble is the heavy stubble. This is basically overgrown stubble which is yet to gain the status of a beard. While the other stubbles (except the designer stubble) may be patchy but if you are going for a heavy stubble look, the area has to be completely covered up. Also you need to ensure that the length is say about 1.5cms. Beyond that it starts getting recognized as a short beard so you need good trimming tools to maintain this look. This look is good for casual wear and a casual appearance. It doesn’t bode as well at a work place. However it is a great look for the weekend party as you can let it grow through the week and enjoy the weekend with an almost bearded look, as well as trim it down on Monday morning to go back to your professional look!



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