2 Easy Beard Styling Hacks You Must Not Miss

Few Beard Styling Hacks You Must not Miss

2 Beard Styling Hacks You Must Know

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1. Try long beard styles if you are shaving your overgrown beard and try short beard styles when you are trying to grow it out!

For instance when you are growing a beard start with basic stubble, designer stubble, van dyke (short, medium and finally long), full beard (trimmed), full beard in the same order as your hair grows.

Once you decide to shave, starting with the full beard leading to full beard kastro, van dyke (long, medium and finally short), French beard, goatee and finally the petit goatee.

This way you can try on almost every popular look and decide which style suits you best as your beard grows or as you trim it instead of growing it out each time to try particular styles.

2. Another trick is to find a celebrity whose face shape resembles yours. Although it may or may not be a 100% match but close resemblance will work as well.

For instance Justin Timberlake has a heart shaped face while Brad Pitt has a square shaped face. Johnny Depp is more diamond shaped. You will easily find images of such actors in several looks which will help you estimate the beard shape that suits you best.

Styling Hacks For Bearded Men
2 Easy Beard Styling Hacks


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