How to achieve the Perfect Designer Stubble Beard?

How 2 achieve the perfect designer stubble beard

Designer stubble beard is an edge over the regular stubble. This is because it is edgier and also sharper. It is characterized by neat and sharp edges and the main frame where you grow out the stubble has defined edges by clean shaving the areas surrounding it. This is the basics of designer stubble beard.

It is the new Sexy as this look is opted for by professionals as thicker beards do not go so well at workplaces and thus it is often associated to a mature and responsible male which directly attracts and charms several women!

The length should not exceed 0.5-1cms and there is no scope for a patchy growth. For this, what you need is an excellent beard trimmer with adjustments. This will help you trim your beard and keep the growth even all over the face area. Usually the stubble does extend over the neck as it gradually disappears with the help of a nice trim. All you need to do is keep decreasing the trim setting as you go lower on your neck and automatically the gradation effect will be achieved.

As for moustache and sideburns, there is no scope for either as it is a professional look. You need to keep moustache as well as the side burns as subtle as you possibly can. Ideally no moustache will go well with your workplace as well as the look. But if you love your moustache then opt for a basic one, don’t go to crazy as the highlight should be the stubble and not the moustache.

Men prefer to use razor for the area that has to be clean shaven but you may also use a trimmer based on your level of convenience with both tools. One neat tip is to use a clear shaving gel instead of foam so you can clearly see where your shaving tool is moving! Read our article about clear shaving gel for detail explanation!

Remember that this look is more about maintenance than it is about growth. Make sure the edges always remain sharp and the beard length remains unchanged with the help of your trimmer. Also, at this stage you should start nourishing your beard. It will also help the stubble look darker and smarter. If you plan on going to a party just use some beard butter or wax instead of beard oil. On application the beard will most definitely look thicker and you will be ready to rock the party!



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