Identify The Perfect Beard Style For Your Face Shape!

Identify The Perfect Beards For Your Face Shape

Identify The Perfect Beard Style For Your Face Shape

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Beards can help accentuate your best features and at the same time can also help to cover up or make up for your insecurities. Different styles represent different age groups and also the overall look of a person. Here is the beard guide for different face structures. Thicker beards are more so for the mature men and similarly the scantier styles are for younger college going men!

Identify The Perfect Beards For Your Face Shape

1) Beard For Round Face Shape

Your facial structure is round with more weight around the cheeks and also a rather rounded jaw line. For this kind of a face structure, you must opt for styles that will elongate your face and help alter the appearance of your jawline. French fork and ducktail in the medium sized beards are the two most effortless styles to alter your facial structure. You can try a sharp van dyke or an imperial beard style if your hair growth is not as strong or you have issues at work. However if you like thick beards, you can opt for the Verdi style. Chose the beard based on your hair growth and professional lifestyle.

2) Beard For Square Face Shape

For this particular facial structure, some men prefer to make their face appear softer with the help of rounder appearance or accentuate the sharpness further. A circle beard and a full beard are good options if you wish to soften your appearance but if you wish to accentuate your edgy look you must opt for van dyke, imperial or even stubbles.

3) Beard For Diamond Shape/Flawless Jawline

For this kind of a face structure it is essential to highlight your flawless jawline! Goatee, extended goatee, imperial, French fork and stubble will do you wonders. You can easily opt even for a clean shaven look with a nice handlebar moustache and you are good to go. Here the effort must be to accentuate your face structure and not hide it. If you have defined cheekbones as well you can even opt for a thicker beard like the bandholz that will highlight your cheekbones.

4) Beard For Oval Face shape

If your face structure is oval, you are truly a versatile beard guru! You can try several styles to identify your personal best but almost all beard styles will suit you. Even the ones which do not suit you will not leave behind a bad look. Bandholz, dutch and garibaldi are your fierce beard options. Van Dyke and Imperial will suit you just as well as a circle beard, ducktail beard and French fork.

The final decision has to be made based on beard growth and lifestyle as well. also, it is important to maintain the beard so you must opt for thicker or high maintenance beards only if you have the time to maintain it well.



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