The 5 Beard Products Application Guide

5 Beard Product Application Guide effectively

Beard products are essential for the right styling of your beard as well as to increase the hair growth. If you do this the right way you can effectively increase the quality and thickness of your beard and opt for many more styles as well. These products are also essential for styling and maintenance of your beard through the day!

The 5 Beard Products Application Guide

1) Beard Oil

This product is the holy grail of beards. If you use natural beard oil, you can use it to style your beard without having to worry about any damages therefrom and also effectively keep your style under control. This product is very important when you start off with a new style especially if it is one with a thick beard. It nourishes and increases the growth. Also, it helps to make your beard appear thicker. Beard oil essentially also helps maintain the style to very large extent. The oiliness helps keep your style intact. Beard oil can also be washed off way easily as compared to other stronger products.

2) Beard Mousse

Beard mousse is a comparatively stronger bearding product but yet much more tame than the beard wax. It is difficult to find an all natural beard mousse because its consistency requires some amount of chemicals. This product is more concentrated than the beard oil but at the same time it is not very heavy. It makes the beard appear thicker and the style stays in all day long. Some natural mousses may also provide some amount of nourishment. Like the oil, mousse is also easy to wash off.

3) Beard Wax

The beard wax is the strongest bearding product. There are two main types of waxes and they are styling wax and sculpting wax. The styling wax is more gentle and easier to style with. It stays longer and stronger than the mousse. However it has more chemicals than the mousse but holds on to the style very strongly. Sculpting wax is much sturdier and is the strongest bearding product for a style. This can be used for the styles that involve very thick beards and a definitive shape. However wax cannot be used on a daily basis because it may cause some amount of damage.

4) Shaving Gel

The shaving gel has to be mild but yet able to give you the perfect shape. Clear gel is the best option for shaving gel because unlike foam it helps you trace exactly the style that you wish to achieve. Shaving gel is a must for all men despite your choice of beard style. Thus it is important that you chose a good quality mild gel that will not damage the beard growth.

5) Moustache Wax

While you have the option of opting for a professional moustache oil and wax, you can easily use the beard oil and mousse or wax for your moustache as well. However it is important to remember that moustache is right above your mouth and thus it is advisable to use only natural bearding oil for styling the moustache.


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