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3 Super Easy & Quick Steps To Clean & Maintain Your Beard Brush

January 6, 2018

Beard brush is an important tool for detangling knots and spreading any beard product evenly over the entire beard. Thus it often gets sweaty, dirty, oily etc. A very important tip is to not throw away the box of your brush. Always keep the brush in a box so that it doesn’t collect dust particles in air. Also, you need to get rid of any hair on your brush as soon as you finish brushing.

Follow these 3 steps once a week for a clean beard brush:


Use a comb to comb through your bristles and get rid of any hair on your beard brush.

Step 2:

Soak the bristle region in water but do not keep the entire brush soaked in water like a comb because a brush often has wooden handles that could get spoilt and rotten in water. Just soak in the bristles.

Step 3:

Use baby shampoo or just any shampoo along with a tooth brush to first clean the sides surrounding the bristles and then between the bristles. This will ensure complete cleanliness.

It should be maintained well and cleansed regularly or it will get spoilt in less than a year or at least dirty enough to ruin any look.


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