4 Impressive Reasons To Use ViralTag For Social Media Marketing

Boost Your Social Media TrafficWith ViralTag

ViralTag is a visual management tool that helps you to generate traffic to your sites. It is used by approximately more than 40,000 people on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Etc.

It is the best option to choose when it comes to bulk uploading and scheduling pins and to filter posts from different feeds. Uploading images and content which is unique from other social media networking site should be your priority. Customizing your messages, images, scheduling, etc. have become more convenient and easy.

viral tag dashboard

Ultimate Benefits Of ViralTag

  • Saves Money and Time.
  • Updates your profile with latest and fresh posts.
Benefits of viral tag for social media

It enables you to schedule all your pins together to be published. This simply means that it will help people who are interested in your posts to give you a shout out via reposting or by sharing your posts. ViralTag helps to keep your social media more active and thus helping to get more visibility in news feeds.

ViralTag can also get connected to your Google Drive & DropBox accounts to attract content in bulk. You may agree that the best way to get traffic in your site is by reposts and shares. You don’t need to worry about it anymore and you don’t need to spend your precious time online to create traffic. Just few hours a week for scheduling your posts in bulk is all it takes and your account will be automatically updated.

benefits of viral tag

Collaboration Within Team In Single dashboard

Gone are the days when you needed to maintain excel sheets for planning and organizing you social media networking plans. With the help of ViralTag you can plan it all along with your team members on a shared marketing calendar.

single dashboard

In Depth Reporting For Measuring Success

Know the best time of the day to upload your posts, whether it is images or contents. ViralTag gives insights on these areas to improve the traffic on the sight by getting engagements. These  insights is of great help to improve the brand quality and have tremendous role to play while choosing the contents which would keep the audience engaged.

in depth reporting

Best Chrome Extension For Social Media Marketing

  • Allows you to pick images from any site and schedule them in bulk.
  • With a single click you can schedule pins Directly from Pinterest.
  • Scheduling videos made possible from YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion.
viraltag reports

ViralTag Pricing

ViralTag subscription plan starts from $24/month. But before that you get free trial for 14 days which do not require credit card transactions or any kind of payments.  This allows you to manage various social media profiles. Features for Pinterest includes to publish, to discover, to embed widgets and to enhance image. You can simply subscribe at ViralTag here.


According to me, ViralTag is the best extension available in the market. It’s amazing features makes social media marketing very much convenient yet effective. Posting and scheduling has become easier than ever before and is worth the money.


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