5 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Clean Shave!

Clean shaven look is still the most popular look amongst the two types of people that you are always trying to impress – your boss and women. If that isn’t incentive enough for you to try on this look, here are 5 reasons why you should go for this look!

1) It exudes confidence. This look is considered to be a confident and trustworthy look. That is because your bearded look can alter your face structure, cover your acne or blemishes, but this look is an honest and open look. It is a sign of confidence and honesty thus people are attracted to the clean shaven look. Psychologically, it symbolizes self-confidence.

2) This look is actually the most hygienic of them all. It is surely hygienic to not have to worry about the hygiene aspect at all if you do not have facial hair. If you have facial hair your need to apply beard oil or gel that attracts a lot of dust and dirt and eventually makes your face unhygienic. All of this is avoided completely in when you opt for a clean shaven look!

3) If you have a face structure to die for, just as well flaunt it! Sharp jawlines and flawless facial features should be flaunted and not covered up under facial hair. You can flaunt your natural features best in a clean shaven look!

4) Beards are so demanding! You need a million beard products and lots of daily grooming and styling. It isn’t just about growing out a beard because you need to groom it and master the styling techniques. Even after that, you need to maintain the style on a daily basis by regular trimming because your facial hair will grow out each day and you have to trim it regularly for maintaining the style. It requires a lot of care and protection with the help of beard products like beard oil, gel, wax, mousse etc. Clean shaven look just requires your shaving foam and razor or just your trimmer based on what you prefer. Just shave it all out and you’re done. Sure you need to keep it trim regularly but that’s much more manageable than keeping it perfectly styled and groomed regularly!

5) Finally, it is much more comfortable without a beard. Beards can get itchy and uncomfortable. Especially when it is hot, beards can get really uncomfortable. The best look at such a time is clean shaven. It is much easier to manage and let’s face it, you all enjoy the smooth clean face!

Although beards are love and attract a lot of attention, if you do not have a strong growth or have a hectic professional life, just go clean shaven. That is the most popular look amongst women and you must do what makes you most comfortable with your face!



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