Tips To Fix A Patchy Beard In No Time! – Beard Grooming Guide

how to fix a patchy beard MEN

Facial hair has the tendency to grow out at different speed and lengths. You will often come across a situation where one part of your face say around your chin or your side burns are scanty and patchy. We often don’t know how to fix a patchy beard.In this case it is important to understand that this is the most common condition for beard growth. This situation should never discourage you from growing out a beard. You need to understand that in 2-3 months your growth will be much more definitive and you will be able to cover the less thick patches with thicker patches.


Let us however consider that even after a few months your patchiness does not grow out and we still wonder how to fix a patchy beard. In this case the ideal look will be a tame beard i.e. a shorter beard like a designer stubble or short Van Gogh depending on the patchiness. Johnny Depp also has a patchy beard growth and you will often notice him sport a stylish look that goes well despite the patchy growth. James Franco also sports facial hair in a very fashionable style.


There is a beard style for almost every look and you can easily find one that matches your patchiness. For instance, guys who do not get hair around the cheeks can sport a goatee and a smart moustache. Guys who do not grow out a moustache can opt for designer stubble. Make the best of your beard!



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