Know The Difference – Medium Stubble & Designer Stubble


Medium stubble and designer stubbles are two styles of stubbles that are very popular in our culture these days. Both have a length of 0.5-1cms and both may or may not extend over the neck. So then what is the difference and why must you care?

You must care because the designer stubble is more like a professional and workplace look. If you confuse it with a medium beard and go for that look, you will end up looking unprofessional! Designer stubble is a type of medium stubble however there are certain differences that you must know in order to understand both styles and carry off the look like it is supposed to!

1) Designer stubble has clean boundaries. This means that you identify the area where you want the stubble as well as the shape and then clean shave the areas surrounding this. This not only places more emphasis on your stubble but also gives you a sharp look! Medium basic stubble on the other hand need not have sharp edges. It can be a natural looking casual beard however even in this case it is important that the area around your lower cheeks is well defined otherwise it will end up making you look very lazy and disinterested!

2) Designer stubble is suitable for work places and fancy dates or dinners. You can carry it off even for family functions or events and bring out the mature and professional charm. Basic medium stubble has more of a rugged charm. So it works great for casual dates as well as night out with your bros! This means that designer stubble goes well with formal or semi-formal attire whereas medium stubble is more like a casual affair and you can bring out your sneakers for this look!

3) Third distinction is that more mature women are attracted to men with a designer stubble whereas the cute ones are attracted to the rugged look as it has boyish charms. So base your look also on the woman you are trying to impress!

Both looks are great for men with confidence and that is the common element that brings together the looks.



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