What Is Your Ideal Hairstyle Length?

Ideal Hairstyle Length

There are 4 basic levels of hair length based on different hairstyles. These are as following:

What Is Your Hairstyle Length

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1. Bald or nearly bald look

Bald look was once a necessity for some men on account of premature balding but is now much more than just a look out of compulsion. It is truly a style statement. It exudes confidence and also glamour just like other hairstyle length,thanks to celebrities like Bruce Willis. It is a great look especially for men with a nice toned body. Also men with a strong jawline and cheek bones can opt for this look. Mostly men with oval faces go for this style and not men with round faces. There is hardly hair for styling and thus this look is in itself the style.

A good quality razor or hair clipper is what you need to maintain this style. Hair grows out faster than you realize and thus you may have to use your razor or clipper every 3rd or 4th day. It is important to keep your scalp clean and you can also use this style to take a break from your hairstyling. Once you have gone bald then you may just regularly apply good quality and natural hair oil to ensure you can then get a strong and consistent hair growth.

2. Short hairstyles

Your short hairstyle length ranges to anything between 0 and 2 inches in length. Some parts of your hair can even touch a 2.5 inch length based on the style you opt for. This style is most preferred by men as it is easy to manage and suits almost all face structures. Men with curly hair can especially use this style to keep their curls under control. This is also a good length for professional environment.

You need a good quality trimmer or clipper to maintain your hair length and also small hair combs to guide you through the trimming. Also you will require good amount of hairstyling products like hair gel and mousse. This will help you style you hair and also maintain that style. Men opt for mix looks in short hair as well wherein the top center region is hawked up while the sides are tapering and the back is trimmed very short. Short length hair is a nice clean style and suitable for all face types. Even men with round shape face can opt for this style by lifting their hair at the top and thus making their face appear long.

3. Medium hairstyles

Zayn Malik is one of the recently trending style icons. And he has brought back in style the medium length hairstyles. Medium length hairstyles are still long and go up to 6”. Such styles are for men with straight hair as it is easier to manage but also suits curly hair. The classic medium length hairstyles would be swept back hair, sleeked out hair etc. In this style usually only the top or the back of your head will have the longer length hair while the sides will be manageably sleek.

You will require a good amount of hair gel and hair wax to maintain this style. Some men also use straighteners to set their hair and hairspray to ensure the style stays intact throughout the day. It is a great length for college going guys and is not a professional style.

4. Long hairstyles

Jared Leto at the Oscars is a look no one can forget. Long hair has become a great trend amongst men of style and thanks to the celebrities. Johnny Depp has also never ignored the long hairstyle and was also his look in his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow. Long hair is a very strong style statement that oozes sexiness and a charm that is hard to ignore.

Surprisingly at this length you do not require more hair products despite the increased hair length. It is important to use natural oils to ensure the hair grows long and is also strong. Hair spray can be used but instead you can use a pocket comb to comb out your hair every few hours unless you feel the need for a spray. Long hair styles are usually casual and cool. Man bun is one of the most popular hair style for men with long hair. Also men just leave their hair straightened and left open much like the Johnny Depp and Jared Leto look. This is an unprofessional length of hair for men but carries a strong sex appeal that is in its true sense, irresistible.



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