All You Need To Know About The Sexy Balbo Beard Style

Balbo is a very cool beard style for men that comprises of a moustache and a fancy beard. It is a nice, clean and sharp look. The edginess of this style is what grabs all the attention. However it can get a bit complex especially for beginners. So here is the balbo broken down for you!

It comprises of a narrow moustache. The basic aspect of this look is that the beard must be a bit neutral. You should go too wild with it because the show stopper is your goatee and not the moustache. Moustache is just a complimentary style statement. So your moustache should end right over your lips or maybe a bit longer but not too much. It will be parallel to or in line with your upper lip so the trimming and growing here is pretty easy. You just have to let it grow naturally and for trimming, use your upper lip for direction and precision. It pretty much acts like a stencil.

Now we come to the goatee part. This has a very unique shape and that is where the precision lies. Now men who are great with their trimmers can blindly get in while beginners should use maybe some children’s sketch pens. These are not permanent and rub off easily with soap.

Use your markers to make a small upside down triangle below your lower lip. Trim around this marking. What you need is a tiny upside down triangle right below the center portion of your lower lip. It will narrow down up to the mid region of your chin. Now use your markers to make two more upside down triangles on the either ends of this mid region of the chin and this time shave out the triangular region. Add some finishing touches and you are pretty much a pro!

It may take some time to master the trimmer. The important thing to remember is that your hand movement should be smooth and not hesitant. This look is really classy and goes really well for any formal parties or events.

You need to grow out your beard to the length of about a medium stubble. At this stage it is convenient to trim and style it right. Also if you mess up you can just let it grow out again. Another trick is that use a higher setting in the trimmer. Basically not a close shave so you can first just trim a bit off the surface and decide if the shape is right for you then go for the clean trim.

You need regular trimming for maintenance and reduce the use of beard oil to ensure your style lasts longer. This look is suitable for older men. Basically working men as it is a classy suit look. This will do wonders on dates and events and is really easy to master!



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