5 Beard Brush Tips To Increase The Volume Of Your Beard

How to use a beard brush to increase the volume of your beard

Beard brush is a very cool tool that will help you in several ways. Some beard brush tips are – One, it helps detangle the beard. Two, it helps apply product like mousse or butter evenly through the beard and also oil. Three, it helps get a casual look and finally it also helps you get a fluffier beard. It can potentially make the beard look thicker and this is how it is done.

Here we have some Beard Brush Tips & Tricks –

1) Clean and dry your beard properly. Just leave in a bit of moisture if required.

2) Brush your beard upwards starting with your sideburns, cheeks and finally chin.

3) Take some beard oil or any product that you require and use your fingers to comb it in the beards in a downward direction but softly.

4) Brush down the beard smoothly and with firmness using the beard brush. Again starting with the sideburns cheeks and finally chin.

The important trick here is to brush lightly. If you brush too hard you will sleek in your beard. Fluffiness makes it look thicker!


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