Know The Difference – Beard Balm & Beard Oil


The major difference between Beard Balm and Beard Oil is that – Beard oil is a product to enhance your beard hair growth and give it a shine all day long. Beard balm on the other hand is a conditioner and sculpting product which also provides nourishment. But what are the other differences and which one should you opt for?

Here are 10 Difference between Beard Balm and Beard Oil you should know.

1. Beard oil is purely for nourishment and shine. Whereas there are two types of beard balm – sculpting for styling and shaping and conditioning which can also be used for styling as well as nourishment.

2. Beard oil does not have a very strong or long lasting hold for styling. If you like shaping up and styling your beard, beard balm will be more effective.

3. Beard oil is much lighter than your beard balm. Thus, it feels as good as no product has been applied at all. However beard balm is denser, especially sculpting balm.

4. Beard balm is long lasting and will keep the style intact all day long whereas beard oil may provide all day nourishment but may not keep up the style in wilder weather conditions.

5. Beard oil is often used in very minute quantities, only enough for a touch up. Beard balm is however used in greater quantities as it helps in styling.

6. Beard balm can be mixed with a few drops of water for easier application and to dilute it, however beard oil has to be used just as it is.

7. A beard balm usually leaves a more long lasting scent all day long as compared to the beard oil even though both contain natural scents and ingredients.

8. Beard oil is easier to remove with a single wash a compared to a beard balm. However, it also becomes easier to tame your beard the next morning if you have the balm on as it doesn’t let go of the grip.

9. For a thicker and rugged beard, beard oil is not advisable. It is difficult to control a thick beard with the help of just beard oil. Beard balm provides more grip. Also, for a short stubble or smaller beard, beard oil is a better option as beard balm makes it heavy when taming or controlling is easier and such heavy hold is not required.

10. Beard oil is all natural! It provides more nourishment than beard balm if you buy a quality product.

Basically, it is essential to own a good quality beard balm as well as beard oil. Both can be used in rotation and as per requirement. In fact you may also use both. This way oil will provide nourishment and balm will provide strength and hold.


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