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4 Unidentified Beard Growing Stages You Must be Knowing

June 24, 2019

Here are 4 Unidentified Beard Growing Stages every bearded men should know about:

These looks are in an descending order from a full thick beard to a very professional daily look:

1. The classic style is a nice thick moustache curled upwards and a long beard. But this is not a very practical look if you have a strict job.

2. Men can opt for a fuller moustache and just a basic beard that evenly covers your face. To get that kind of an even growth, regularly comb your hair downwards with a nice clean comb kept aside only for your beard and moustache. And as for the fuller moustache, what you need is to cover your upper and maybe even part of your lower lip with moustache. That length will help you create the classic moustache.

3. For this look, you can carry off a nice strategic style that coincides with the growth of your beard. For e.g. if you have a nice growth around your chin, go for a van dyke.

4. The designer stubble is the most basic phase of beard growth. You simply need an excellent trimmer to ensure the length throughout your face is even and style as per your personal choice.


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