7 Factors To Be Considered While Choosing The Perfect Side-burn Style for Your Face!

Perfect Sideburn

Sideburns are like the frame of your face. They complete the look! Sideburns can alter your look into something more desirable or into something that is just a disaster. Thus it is very important to choose the perfect style of sideburns for your face.

Here is a list of points to be considered before deciding which style is perfect for you!

1) Just like selecting the right pair of sunglasses, spectacles, hairstyle and beard, the style of sideburns greatly depends on your face shape. Round, Oval, Square, Heart, Triangle and Diamond are the basic face shapes and all of you fit in either one of the above categories. You may not feel so because a face is not EXACTLY a geometric shape but you will understand the similarities. It is important to understand what your face shape is for styling yourself right. Check out our blog on different face shapes to identify which category you belong to.

Round Face: You should opt for styles that help narrow down or slim down your face a bit to strike off a balance. Go for a sideburn style that ends around your mid-ear. Even longer if it suits your face. But make sure it is not a thick side burn. Because that will again make the side burns fluffy and make your face look rounder. So it has to be sleek but not short!

Square Face: Your square structure will make you look small and wide faced. This suits men with a small body structure but if you wish to alter the look you cando so by opting for a bit longer sideburn style. It should extend beyond your mid-ear but not too long as really long sideburns will not go well with your structure. However, do show the courage to cross your mid-ear. Make sure it’s not wide and thick as that will mess with your jawline and make your chin appear wider. About 1cm in width will be just right.

Oval Face: Oval face is often referred to as the balanced face structures. This means that your sideburn style should be well balanced. Thus, mid-ear is the perfect length for an oval face shape. Shorter sideburns will make your face look too long. Longer sideburns may suit your face but make sure it is a narrow one.

Heart Face: For this face structure you need to get a bit creative and bold. Since your lower face is tapering and upper face is broad, a wide sideburn style is not for you. Medium or short length will always suit your face but longer sideburns will not. This is because your chin area is narrow. Some trial and error will help you chose the perfect style based on your facial features.

Triangle Face: In this structure, your forehead is narrower and the chin is wide. The width of sideburns should be somewhere around 2 cms unless your forehead is too narrow. In that case you will have to bring your sideburns width to 1.5 cms.

Diamond Face: This is a great face shape for facial hair as the sharp jawline just adds a great deal of charm to your look. For this look, you need to keep the focus on the jawline and thus your sideburn style should end around your mid-ear. This will really help accentuate the structure of your lower face and the sharpness of your features.

Feel free to try several styles and pick your personal favorite. This information is merely a guide for your best and safest options.

2) Your personality greatly impacts the style of sideburns you chose because to a very large extent the style you pick for your sideburns, represents you. It is truly the frame of your face and thus it should be customized for your personality. If you are bold, try bolder styles that are more rugged. If you are into the professional gentleman phase then opt for narrow and more subtle styles. If you are the cool guy then use your razor skills for some cool styles. For inspiration do check out celebrity styles, find a celeb with a face structure that matches yours and go for it!

3) How comfortable you are with the blade will help you chose the style for you. This is because sideburns are very precise. They have to be accurate and sharp. The perfection in edges of sideburns is truly everything! If you are good with the blade then you go for really cool and funky styles. If not then you should start off bit more conservatively by just ensuring that your edges are on fleek and the length is consistent. Consistency of length is very important as odd lengths of hair will make your sideburns look unkept and unprofessional. Ill kept beard is not in fashion and will never be. It is not a cool and rugged out of bed look!

4) Your hair growth will help you make the realistic decision for your face. If you have a good growth then obviously you have the choice for styling the sideburns any way you like to. However if your growth is patchy or short then obviously you must style it realistically. Use beard oil to improve your growth and a very cool trick is to grow out a stubble. Ease in your sideburns with the stubble. Another trick is making sure that the thickness of your beard is consistent with the thickness of your sideburns. Your sideburns must be equally thick if not thicker. Keeping the sideburns consistent with your beard will help you achieve a good and balanced look!

5) Style in fashion these days greatly impact the decision you make. This means that you must follow the current trends. For instance, stylish but narrow side burns are in fashion and thus this is a look you must opt for. There was a time when really thick and wide sideburns were in fashion but that style is long gone now. You have the step burns which means side burns trimmed to look like steps or even a very sleek look which are both in fashion. Staying updated with latest trends is very important and you can do this easily by just following red carpet trends in award function and of course reading our blogs for a more descriptive guide.

6) The sideburns should essentially be in sync with your hairstyle. If you have a thick and long hair growth, you may opt for stronger sideburns but if you prefer narrow hairstyles then an aggressive sideburn style will entirely ruin your facial balance. This is a very important rule that must be followed while styling your sideburns. So say you have nice wavy hair that appear bouncy and thick, in that case you can opt for a thicker style for sideburns. But a medium length style will also suit you. However, if you have thin hair growth or you like sleek hairstyles then you must keep your sideburn conservative, compulsorily. It must be medium to short in length and sleek.

7) Your personal choice and confidence in yourself will help decide how fashion forward are you willing to be. If you enjoy bold styles then you must not shy away from trying different styles. However, if you are new to the fashion game then you must go for more conservative styles to begin with and then get bolder as you get the hang of it.

Fashion is all about defining your own self. You must choose styles that make you comfortable and confident.



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7 Factors to be Considered While Choosing the Perfect Sideburn Style for Your Face


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