Everything You Need To Know About Chin Strip Beard

What is a Chin Strip beard

You need to start off by growing out beard on your chin area. Once the beard is say about 5-10mm in length, you need to identify the width and length of the chin strip that you prefer and then just shave off the adjacent area. You can use a trimmer or razor as per your skill set.

So How exactly to Start for a Chin strip Beard?

This beard basically starts right below the centre of your lower lip. It width is approximately half or maybe a little less than half of the width of your chin. The length may vary as per preference but it is advisable to end the strip somewhere around the mid-point of your chin. The longer strip is just out of fashion and for a good reason!

You may keep a bordering van dyke beard or stubble beard for a more “celebrity look”. The bottom of the strip may be pointed or curved but ideally if it’s pointed, it should be shorter. Also, if its longer, it should be curved.

This look is a blessing for men with patchy beard growth around the chin as well as men with round faces or heavy chins.

What is a Chin Strip beard & How To Style it

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What is a Chin Strip beard & How To Style With Ease
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What is a Chin Strip beard & How To Style With Ease
Chin Strip beard is a cool bearding hack rather than just a style. This particular style is really easy as well as interesting.
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