5 Reason Why You Should Be Growing a Beard

Yes obviously you should be growing a beard. Dont ask why? Because if a man who can grow beards and still dont keep them, then those mens are called women! – Anonymous

5 Reason Why you Should be growing a beard

1. Growing a beard Saves Time

Dint get this? Ill Explain, Men who shave, wastes 3350 hours shaving in his entire life. Common, don’t waste your precious time shaving, better grow it!

2. Beard grabs the eyeball of many!

Beards make you 63% more likely to win a staring contest.

3. Growing a Beard can also be a savior

How? It helps you to filter the pollutant and toxins. Also acts as a napkin for few.

4. Women gets attracted easily

Studies have shown that women find a man with a full beard more attractive than a clean shaven look.

5. Let it grow

Check out the history, Alexander the great, Sir Thomas More, Charles Darwin . All the great men from our past have grown them, now its your turn. So Let it grow!

5 Reason Why You Should Be Growing a Beard
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5 Reason Why You Should Be Growing a Beard
Don't Be Stupid, Be a man & Read 5 reason why you should be growing a beard now
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