Get Full Beard Looks In Just 7 Weeks – Beard Grooming Tips!

Men often concentrate only on the beard and ignore the hairstyle. Your hairstyle can actually help you compliment the full beard look and also accentuate your beardedness! Here is the perfect hairstyle for the men with thick and full beard!

Full bearded look goes well with a sleek and laid back look just so to increase the attention on and highlight the beard. For this look you need medium length hair, preferably straight or mildly wavy.

How to get the Full Bearded Look in Just 7 Weeks

You need to start off by hair drying your damp hair. Reverse roll your hair brush around your hair and use a drier. You may skip this step and just let comb your hair with a narrow toothed comb to let it air dry. A neat trick is to add some powder once your hair is completely dry. Add in some powder only on your hair and make sure it’s not on your scalp or it will end up looking like dandruff! Next you need to lightly brush it in. This will give your hair some volume.

Get Full Bearded Look In Just 7 Weeks

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You need to set your hair in with some hair mousse. If it’s thick, add a bit of moisture i.e. few drops of water just to make it easier to spread and then comb your hair. A wide toothed comb will help you get a fuller look. Fuller look appeals the ones who have bald patches or scanty hair.

Now you need to finish the look with the right hairstyle. The perfect look is a simple side-part. Use a comb for the parting but use a brush or a wide toothed comb to comb your hair into it. This will make sure it is not a slimy nerd look! Finally, comb your hair backwards, without disturbing the parting. And comb the back of your hair to settle it all down.

For a more casual look, trace over the completed look with your fingers. This will help you smooth en out the sharpness of a well combed in look! This is a casual look that will suit every guy with a full bearded look. Feel free to experiment with the parting and style your hair into waves or curls. The purpose is to be comfortable with your look!



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