5 Simple & Quick Steps To Get The Full Bearded Look

Men with growing beard or a full bearded look know far too well how difficult it is to get ready every morning and do the beard right! These steps will help you set a schedule for your beard and make it effortless for you to maintain and grow a beard.

Here we have 5 steps to get the full bearded look :

Step 1:
Dampen your beard and moustache first. Make sure it’s clean. You need to start with a clean and damp beard.

Step 2:
Towel dry it. In this step it is important to remember that you should not rub your towel hard against your beard. Just brush it lightly and let it air dry while you change or have breakfast!

Simple & Quick Steps To Get The Full Bearded Look

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Step 3:
Now comb your beard, I know most men prefer to brush it but trust me on this, comb your beard and moustache. Use a wide toothed comb first and then narrow teeth.

Step 4:
Brush your hair after you comb. Brush the hair around your neck upwards if you have a full beard and the hair around your cheeks and side burns sideways. This will fluff up your beard and get rid of any moisture that may be left in, if at all. Then brush your beard down and settle it in.

Step 5:
Use beard oil to settle all your hair, nourish it and tame your beard the right way.



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