The Ultra-Masculine & Sexy Verdi Beard In Just 5 Steps!

Easiest way to achieve verdi beard style 2016

The Ultra-Masculine & Sexy Verdi Beard In Just 5 Steps

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The Verdi beard style is an ultra-modern and a charming look for men of all ages. However, this is a mature style and thus more suitable for men who have crossed their 27. It is bold and attractive as well as a style statement in itself yet not a complicated style that requires excessive maintenance and expert techniques.

Verdi beard style is complimented very well with a handlebar moustache. It is very important to master the handlebar moustache because this style is suitable with almost all beard looks.

Verdi Beard Style For Men

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Verdi Beard Style For Men In 2019

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You must follow the basic steps to master this style –

Apply natural beard oil till the moustache grows out in length and thickness. Once it crosses the length of your upper lips, start twirling up both ends. You can even use scissors to first trim the ends and then twirl it up for even narrow finish. Use beard oil regularly to maintain the shape.

As for the beard, it is a strong and thick beard. The side burns are narrow at the top and get thicker as they descend. This shape is great for men with round face as it give the appearance of an oval face structure with the narrow bottom. Also, it is suitable for men with the edgy rectangular and square face for a softer look.

Verdi Beard Style For Men In 2019!
The Ultra-Masculine Verdi Beard In Just 5 Steps!

You will require good amount of beard oil to keep this style in place all day. The thickness may get out of hand for which you can use scissors to snip off the rough ends. You may even use beard wax for more stability. It is important to regularly shampoo your beard before you are off to bed to get rid of all the dirt as well as the product. Also make sure you dry out your beard at night itself otherwise it will get unmanageable in the morning!

This is a cool style but not a professional look. It is a nice and smart bearded look that does not require much styling and expertise except the regular beard trimming and beard oil.



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