5 Things You Must Know About Medium Stubble Beard

Medium Stubble Beard Styles

Medium Stubble Beard is the most popular beard style of all the stubble beard. This is because it is similar to a designer stubble beard but with much less maintenance. Medium Stubble Beard is the most basic stubble of them all! What must you keep in mind for this look?

Here are the top 5 things that you must know about the medium stubble beard before you opt for this look.

1) Medium stubble beard is usually of length 0.5-1cms. It covers most of your beard area and also your neck as it disappears gradually.

5 Things You Must Know About Medium Stubble Beard.

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2) The best feature of this look is that it is cool, casual and requires the least maintenance of them all! You can carry off this look to college, a date or even casual dinner with your bros!

3) This stubble is considered to be the base for growing out fuller beards and thus men who want fuller beards should start off by aiming for the perfect medium stubble. From here onwards you start off by regularly nourishing your beard and ensuring the growth is maintained well.

4) To achieve this look you must start off by growing out your stubble. as it grows out you need to use your close shave trimmer set to the lowest adjustment to get a closer shave in regions that grow out faster than the rest. As the beard starts growing out, it becomes even easier to manage and cover up the patchiness.

5) You need not have sharp edges for this one but if you are a professional then you ideally must. A beard wax will help you make it appear thicker and less patchy if these are you major issues for avoiding this look!

It is important to remember that this beard can very well be used as a base for several other styles like soul patch or anchor beard, chin curtain or even a French. Thus it is important to master this look. The whole knack is with the maintenance. The trick is to regularly trim the stubble till all hair reaches equal length and once it does you can then let it grow out in the shape you prefer, aim for or idolize!



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