10 Classy Professional Beard Styles – Rugged Man To Office Man

Professional Beard Styles

Rugged Man To Office Man – Professional Beard Styles

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To sport the best professional beard styles,there is a simple order that should be followed to transform your beard from rugged to epitome of elegance!

The order is – Beard, Moustache, Sideburns, and Neck.

1) Beard – Use a trimmer with a higher setting if you want to keep the thicker beard or lower as per your choice. Take a comb in one hand with narrow teeth and trimmer in another with a clipper. Now trim upwards in the opposite direction of the grain and them comb it down immediately. Do the same thing in a side-to-side motion as well for any weird growing hair.

2) Moustache – Use the comb and trimming technique in the same manner as in the beard but with a smaller setting as you will require a closer trim for the moustache. Next, use scissors to slice off the rough edges of your moustache and then trim the part that meets your upper lip. Once you trim off the excess hair, use point cutting technique for a more natural looking moustache.

3) Sideburns – Start off by coming in towards your nose and trimming off without clippers or using scissors to take off the rough edged look. Once you comb it back down it will have a nice clean edge. Repeat the same by coming outwards towards your ears. Use a comb to lift the hair around your ears and a trimmer to trim it down. This will reduce the thickness of your sideburns which is very important.

4) Clear off the excess hair on the neck and behind the neck. Keep the hair on the neck above the Adam’s apple and use a nice close shave to give a sharp and precise edge to the beard. This will help you get one of the best professional beard styles and change your look completely.

Once you are done, use a razor or the trimmer without clippers to trim off any hair on or around the cheekbones and also to define the edges. Also if any lose hair between the sideburns and the ears. Clean around your neck and also the area between your moustache and nose by holding the trimmer in a manner that the razor is downwards to clear off the edge at the top of the moustache. This way you won’t mess with rest of your beard while trimming the moustache.

It is important to understand that beard is a Gentleman’s look. It can be scruffy if you are on a trek or cycling on mountains but if you are off to work, you better choose to follow best professional beard styles tips! It is a sign of maturity and respect. Get your beard right(and impress your boss!)



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