Get The Aggressive Dutch Beard in 5 Quick Steps!

Dutch Beard Style

The Dutch beard is a smart and aggressive style. Also, it is a casual look and not at all suitable for the professional world. This style is only for the men with a strong beard growth and because it requires a very aggressive beard, it is not achievable for all but men with a medium to strong growth can opt for this style.

The dutch beard is essentially the garibaldi beard without the moustache and thus it has the signature square shape with round edges but without the moustache. This style requires a strong hand at the trimming and shaving as well as maintaining.

First, you must start off with a good beard growth and until then let your beard grow in its natural form. Once your entire face is covered and the beard starts growing out that is when you make your first move. Until then make sure you keep your beard well-nourished with beard oil and well maintained with a trimmer.

The side burns for this beard start off very narrow, say about 1-1.5 cms only. Your second step is to trim the beard narrow and then let it descend wider.

Around the chin you need to take matters in your hand, literally. Use a light marker or clear shaving gel to mark the shape of your beard. Make sure that both sides are even by using a ruler for the markings. The third step is thus styling out with the help of scissors and trimmer. A razor may not be able to establish the right style and thus a trimmer is a better option.

The fourth step is to then grow out the beard beyond the jawline. While you do this make sure you do not narrow in the bottom of beard like you usually do for all other beard styles. The bottom is not tapered and rather flat. To achieve this look you will have to allow your beard to grow out even from the upper neck region. this will provide the support and aggression for the flat bottom style.

Finally you can use a trimmer as well as a pair of scissors to achieve the flat bottom and then use beard oil to twirl the ends inwards so as to give it a rather natural finish than a pointy one.



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