3 Super Easy & Quick Steps To Clean Your Beard Comb

clean your beard easily


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Your Beard comb should be regularly cleaned up as it goes into your beard, right on your face. You don’t want dirty, unhygienic or messy sticky comb in your beard.

Here are 3 quick steps for the cleaning your beard comb.

You should do this at least once a week:


Dip the comb in a tumbler with warm water. Some people prefer to use soapy water, well that’s optional. Keep it dipped in for some time.

Step 2:

Take it out of the water and use a towel to dry it out. You can use a small towel for the same. Just the size of the comb.

Step 3:

Take a tissue paper and fold it into half. Use the edges of the folded tissue to clean between the teeth of your beard comb. This will take about 10 mins maximum. Don’t let your laziness get in the way!

Your comb is used on wet beard, dry beard, waxed beard and even sweaty beard. It is used to spread beard oil and balm. You don’t want all this to stay stuck on your comb and ruin all your looks.


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